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Economical 31 Packs of Dagashi

Product ID: NT6000233
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Assorted Japanese Junk Food Snack "Dagashi" 

Ninjapo Box is the original assortment of Japanese junk foods "Dagashi".
There are a lot of Japanese popular dagashi.

"Dagashi" is a Japanese cheap sweets and snacks popular among children.
This economical pack is suitable for party goods, free gift, tea break, or to share with friends and families.

Made in Japan

※Package may change without prior notice.

Main Contents :

Umaibō (Teriyaki Burger)
Umaibō (Sugar Rusk)
Umaibō (Vegetable Salad)
Umaibō (Takoyaki)
Umaibō (Cheese)
Umaibō (Mentai)
Umaibō (Shrimp Mayonnaise)
Umaibō (Salami)
Umaibō (Tonkatsu Sauce)
Umaibō (Corn Potage)
POPCAN (Lollipop)
Milk Sour Tablet
Bontan Amé (Chewy Soft Pomelo Candy)
Puré Gummy (Lemon)
Gig Katsu Tonkatsu Sauce Flavor (Fried Fish Paste)
Anpanman Soft Rice Cracker
Tabekko Doubutsu (Animal Shaped Biscuit)
Kameda Kakinotane (Rice Cracker with Peanuts)
Baby Star Ramen Snack (Tasty Salt)
Nigi-Nigi Osushi Shop Gummy
Wata-Pachi Grape (Crackling Cotton Candy)
Sapporo-Potato Vegetable
Ju-c Soda Tablet
Fujiya Milky (Candy)
Kabuki Agé (Fried Rice Cracker)
Hello Kitty Marshmallow (with Strawberry Jelly)
Miyako Konbu (Pickled Kelp)
Kinako Bō (Soft Stick Candy with Soybean Powder)
Ume Mints Tablet
MORINAGA "Hi-Chew" Soft Candy (Cola)
glico Bisco Biscuit

Please note that there are cases in which the contents are changed without notice according to stock status.

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  • Please do not purchase assorted package if there is anything you cannot eat for allergies or religion, because it is difficult to distinguish safe food from various snacks.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about ingredients, please be sure to contact us by email before order.


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