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Japanese Famous Junk Food Snack "Dagashi" Kabayaki-ya-san Taro 30 Pieces Pack

Product ID: NT6000016
Shipping Weight: 220 g / set >>See shipping cost

This is a 30 pieces pack of "Kabayaki-ya-san Taro" especially famous Dagashi in Japan.
It is not too much to say that most of young Japanese ate this snack in their childhood.

This snack is made of fish paste, and flavored sweet soy sauce of "Kabayaki", which is traditional Japanese food of grilled fish.
It is said that while western people don't like the smell of fish and distinctive taste of sweet soy sauce, this snack has been loved by many Japanese since it went on the market.
Once you get used to such smell or taste, this might be as delicious and addicts you. Let's try !

Since this is economical pack, it is suitable to share with friends and families.

Made in Japan

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