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46 Packs "Dagashi" ~Assorted Japanese Junk Food Snack~

Product ID: NT6000232
Shipping Weight: 1100 g / set >>See shipping cost

 Economical 46 Packs of 29 Types

Ninjapo Box is the original assortment of Japanese junk foods "Dagashi".
In the original designed cute box, there are a lot of Japanese popular dagashi.

Umaibo(Delicious Sticks) and jelly(Jell-O),fizzing candies, chocolate and biscuits, corn potage soup snack, Marshmallow candy contains 46 pieces. Is not getting tired because it contains a variety of flavors.  You can enjoy yourself with a friend and the family.,because it has lot of 45. 

Please note that there are cases in which the contents are changed without notice according to stock status.

Made in Japan

※Package may change without prior notice.

Main Contents :

Orion Cocoa Cigaret Sugar Candy
Marukawa Grape Gum "4 tablets" (Chewing Gum)
Kabayaki-ya-san Taro (Fish Paste)
Orion Mini Cola Ramune Tablet
IWAMOTO Milk Bolo (Small Ball Shaped Cookie)
Mitsuya "Bis-Kun" Biscuit
Mitaya-no Young Donuts
Corn Potage (Corn Snack of Corn Potage Flavor)
Cabbage Taro (Cone Snack)
Don-don Yaki Rice Cracker (Sauce)
Mochi-taro Rice Cracker
Yamato Aji Curry (Tastey Curry Snack)
"Ninjin" (Puffed Grain Snack with Carrot Shaped Bag)
Atari MAEDA's Cracker (Bite-sized Simple Snack)
Atari MAEDA's Cricket (Bite-sized Simple Biscuit)
Umaibo (Shrimp Mayonnaise)
Umaibo (Corn Potage)
Umaibo (Cheese)
Umaibo (Mentai )
Chocolate Daifuku Marshmallow
Kuppi Ramune Tablet
Baby Star Ramen Snack (Tasty Salt)
Baby Star Ramen Snack (Chicken)
Baby Star Ramen Snack (Sauce)
Millé biscuits
Kyoshin Cherry Mochi-Cnady (Soft Candy)
Konjac Jelly
Puchi-puchi Fortunetelling Chocolate
Takaoka Wheat Chocolate
Takaoka Wheat Chocolate (Strawberry)

Please note that there are cases in which the contents are changed without notice according to stock status.

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  • Please do not purchase assorted package if there is anything you cannot eat for allergies or religion, because it is difficult to distinguish safe food from various snacks.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about ingredients, please be sure to contact us by email before order.


Notes on Melted Sweets at High Temperature
The sweets include chocolate, cream, or candy which might melt easily at high temperature exceeding 25℃, and lose their quality.
Therefore, we cannot recommend you to purchase them during summer nor deliver to hot region as tropical zone.
If you order these products in a hot season or to an equatorial country, please note that we cannot accept returns nor exchanges for sweets which have melted. If you understand that and still want to deliver to a hot region, please refrigerate sweets before eating.

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