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Maccha(the powdered green tea) sweet

The foreign countries are the Japanese gift which is being bought, and the snack of Maccha(the powdered green tea) taste is very popular.Maccha is one kind of tea and black tea(English tea), oolong tea(Chinese tea) and Japanese tea are made from the same tea-leaf.It's surprise that black tea and Japanese tea are made from the same tea-leaf, isn't it? It's said that the taste changes with the difference in the made processes.

Even Japan is a popular Maccha snack, but the person who has Maccha is very little.
Because Maccha  is very bitter tea, we will have it with a sweet Japanese sweet.Gusto of Maccha is drawn out by doing that.

As for the cake of Maccha sweet one such as chocolate or a cookie candy many; is good.
Dagashi which is recommended in such Maccha is Umaibou chocolate taste.

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