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Snack Umaibo

Umaibo(Delicious Sticks)

Dagashi(The cheap candy) which is popular in Japan "Umaibo" but there is the shop called the Umaibo store specializing " Snack Umaibou" in Japan.One cup of drink and All-you-can-eat Umaibo for 500 yen.Umaibo on the wall in the shop is approximately 20,000 of them closely! It's said that there is a person who also ate 60.Umaibo sold at present is 22 kinds.It's also serious to eat completely 22 kinds, isn't it? The sales are 1 day, 2,000,000. More than 35 years are also loved by Japanese.

The character of Umaibo is also popular in Japan (similar to Doraemon) , stationery and toy T-shirt are sold.


Umaibo is this,click here→

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